About GroBikes

GroBikes is a children's bicycle subscription service offering parents and kids an easier, more affordable, and more sustainable alternative to owning bicycles. By enabling you to upsize your child's bike whenever they need a bigger one, our high-quality lightweight bikes "grow" while they do, making learning easier and riding "funerer".

We're currently refreshing our website, but tell us how to reach you and be the first to know when we're back!

  • "Both our kids have GroBikes and they absolutely love them! We wish we had GroBikes when our daughter was younger. It would have saved us money, not to mention made it easier for her to learn how to ride. GroBikes will be our only option as our kids grow up!" - J. M.

  • "(I) wanted to tell you that Nathaniel is doing so well on his GroBike! He pretty much started riding it immediately after struggling with his old bike for some time. He’s so happy riding it at camp, thank you." - S. D.

  • “I just wanted to thank you for your help and your professionalism. J. is riding completely independently. It basically took him 20 minutes and he was up and riding. Within the second day, we were able to (socially distance) ride with his friend. Super impressed.” - I. K.

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